About Last Night

It’s always a humbling experience to be surrounded by the exceptionally talented. Last night’s Amy Winehouse Tribute show at Viracocha was one of those nights that has left me struggling to find words that even come close to describing what transpired. It feels like any attempt would either fall short or sound cliched, hyperbolic. Words like “awesome” (you know, as in inspiring real awe), “epic” or “mindblowinglyfuckingood” are all definite candidates, but they still seem inadequate somehow. Perhaps once I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor, I will become a bit more articulate. Meanwhile, the word that comes closest to capturing the entire experience for me is this: “humbling.”

And also: “Damn!”

Amy would have loved it.

4 thoughts on “About Last Night

  1. At one point, while Wolf Larsen was performing, I realized that although the room was completely packed, the only voice I could hear was hers. Absolutely pin-drop silent.

    The height of reverence. So honored to have been a part.

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